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After several years in Sing-Sing working on their jail musical "Prisoners Of Love" - Max Bialystock and Leo Bloom have returned to Broadway!

In June 2001 - Bialystock & Bloom proudly presented their first new stage production in New York since their legendary show "Springtime For Hitler."

And even before its opening - the show caused a controversy as Bialystock & Bloom feuded with the writer/star of their new production about the show's title and advertising campaign.

First of all the undisputed good news:

On Wednesday June 6th 2001, Broadway's most infamous producers presented the New York premiere of an acclaimed one-man show by British humorist Martin Lewis - which had been a critical and commercial success in its Los Angeles debut in 1999. The show received its Manhattan premiere at hip East Village theater P.S. 122.

And in the grand Bialystock & Bloom tradition - the show also CLOSED on opening night!

This was actually because the show was just a one-night engagement in the very prestigious 9th Annual Toyota Comedy Festival.

But that's a minor point! Bialystock & Bloom are convinced that if the show had been given a decent opportunity - it would have closed on its first night anyway!

     Now the dispute!

When it premiered in Los Angeles - the show was titled "Great Exploitations! An Audience With Martin Lewis" - and that is what its creator-star Martin Lewis, felt it should have been called in New York. However Bialystock & Bloom believed that while the show had potential it was handicapped by its title - which Max Bialystock called "Dickensian and exploitative."

"This show needed subtle marketing to position it in a competitive Broadway environment. You can't expect to close a show in just one night without the wrong campaign. The new title and advertising campaign that Leo and I devised for the show ensured just such a result. Mr. Lewis may be talented - but he is just a writer and performer. He had to leave this work to The Producers - and that's us."

For more information about Bialystock & Bloom's return to Broadway... (well Off-Broadway actually.) LOOK! If you're going to get technical - strictly speaking it's OFF-OFF Broadway - but it's a very funny show and it's full of bad taste.

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